My Favorite Picture

Welcome to my blog which is all about learning, playing and teaching the guitar.  I hope to offer ideas and insights that I have learned in my very interesting and all consuming guitar life which began as a little boy in the 1960’s, jamming with my friends Bobby and Bobby, saving up for records and trying to figure out chord changes to pop songs -it was the best!

The first thing I discovered was the joy of learning, of knowing.  The most important thing I learned however in this journey is the value of sharing what you know, of teaching others your best tricks and favorite ideas.  Not only is this practice rewarding but  it fulfills a promise that a pyramid or ponzi scheme never could: your investment will grow ten fold right before your very eyes.  That’s right, teaching music is the ultimate ‘win-win’ proposition because, when done properly, it benefits, in more ways than I can write about here, the teacher as much as the student.


That’s why this is my favorite photo of myself, with a baby who was all wrapped in a G major chord, looking at me with a sense of wonder, like something magical just happened (?) and reminding me that I have made it my mission to share this wonderful art. Reminding me of my responsibility.